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May 6th, 2010

By Ken Blue

“And Satan answered the LORD, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.” Job 2:4.

If Satan ever made a statement that is 99% true, it has to do with what men and women are willing to do or spend in order to be healed. If you don’t believe that, just write a book on healing or start a healing ministry. The naive will buy all the books and attend all the healing seminars, and the charlatans will head for the bank with your money.

Now, don’t misunderstand me; I believe that Jesus, the Twelve and appointed apostles had healing power during the transition period from the Law to this dispensation of grace. After the church has been raptured to heaven, God will once again restore miracle working power to certain Jews. However, today grace reigns and those biblical miracles, and miracle workers are not present.

Over a year ago I sent out the following challenge to anyone to who can meet it. As of today, not one person has responded to it. Here is the challenge I gave and the questions I ask: “This explains why the blind, the deaf, the cripple, the dead, and those with terminal diseases are not healed today. You may disagree with me, but if you believe the miracles of the Kingdom offer are still present; can you give me the name and address of one believer, you personally know, who can raise the dead, heal AIDS patients, restore the terminally ill and the retarded? Do you personally know anyone who can walk on water, feed a multitude with a handful of food, or turn the water to wine? Why not? Didn’t Jesus tell His disciples that they would do greater miracles than He did? (John 14:12). In fact, if it was not for the grace of God and modern medical science, most people over 40 would be dead!”

Don’t waste your time or mine with any attacks on my faith or my trust In God. I have been a believer for over 55 years and pastored over 40 years. I know the Bible, I know what part of it is written to the body of Christ, and I know people. So, the request is simple. Please don’t tell me what you have heard or think you have seen; names and addresses will do.

Thirty-eight years ago, I had 18′′ of my colon removed because of cancer. Today, I have ALS. Neither has shaken my faith in God’s goodness nor caused me to ask “why?” His grace IS sufficient!

If you are sick, pray and ask God to use it for His glory, and then find a good doctor. Don’t give your money to faith healers. Give it to missionaries who preach the gospel to the poor! Find those in your church who will extend comfort and help, as you need it, and who will not attribute your illness to your lack of faith. Those who say such things are without sympathy or brains. I pray that the God of all comfort will comfort you in your trouble.

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