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April 19th, 2010
By Ken Blue We have heard constant criticism from some pastors and evangelist who have painted themselves into the proverbial corner by preaching against the use of hi tech media in church. The implication is, if it is old, it is acceptable; if it is modern; it is worldly and must be rejected. Well, we will let you decide. Which of the above items do you think God dislikes most? Take your time. At one time, the one on the left was new and hi tech; some churches refused to use them. But, in time they backslid and gave in. Now they compare it to the new technology and feel no guilt when using it. In fact, a little self-righteousness might exist. These men conclude that newer must be evil and worldly because it is new, and because of who first used it. Brother, if you are going to be ridiculous, why not give up your Blackberry, the IPod, the iPhone, the laptop and the GPS, the fuzz buster, the internet, and your cruise control, which you have no problem setting just a little bit over the speed limit? Technology has no moral significance; it all depends on how you use it. Like Fox News; we report, you decide.
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