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April 10th, 2011
  We have no idea how much editing tape was left on the floor, but enough was said that ought to give every church in America a “heads up.” Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated or covered up by pastors and churches. Proper education and a willingness to deal with it are imperative. Sexual misconduct is as old as time. The Old Testament and the New record accounts of it and give instructions how it is to be dealt with, according to that dispensation. The issue that was missing and misleading in the news account was that sexual sins are found in every religion and every walk of life. This is not a justification, but an attempt to put the subject in proper prospective. Regardless, the public will believe whatever spin is put on it. We must understand the times in which we live and realize that pastors can no longer be fools in the pulpit or say everything that comes to mind. The Lord warned us, “For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” Matthew 12:37. I agree, too many pastors are on a “power trip,” and assume they are infallible and above the law of the land. A pastor would be wise to have the insurance company come in and make a list of things the church can do to protect itself against predators and lawsuits. Have this information put in writing and keep it on file. Some of the things Pastor Murphy and I did were to make sure every door has a window in it. Cameras with sound that are motion activated were installed. Every action is recorded on a computer hard drive. Also, make sure you always have two adults working together in every classroom. Never spank someone else’s child. In addition, Brother Murphy has a background check done on every person who works with minors. Also, men should never counsel the opposite sex alone. The church must ensure that it has an adequate insurance policy to protect the church and staff. Pastors must be aware that there are people who cannot win the lottery; these people are searching for a way to extort money from a church. So do everything you can to protect your church members and yourself. Remember, accusations brought to you of sexual abuse of a minor, must be reported to the police. You should keep records of the accusation and the process that follows. Contact your insurance lawyer immediately and protect your members and yourself. CHECK OUT AUDIO SERMONS AND SONGS
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