By Ken Blue
March 1st, 2010. Filed under: ARTICLES, Leadership.
By Ken Blue A good friend of mine and a long time member of Open Door Baptist related the following story to me. He was a police sergeant in a nearby city. He had several men under his command who were accountable to him. A situation arose that required him to take action and meet with his immediate supervisor. In the meeting, he asked his boss if he was really needed in his sergeant position. His boss was somewhat shocked and said, “of course I do.” The sergeant asked again, “Are you really sure you need me here?” His boss responded again with assurance and then said, “Why are you asking me this question?” The sergeant said, “I notice that you are going directly to my men and asking them questions about their duties and also given them instructions on how to do their job. If you are going to communicate directly with them, why do you need me?” The light came on, and his boss apologized for his actions and indiscretion. He assured the sergeant it would not happen again. My question for pastors is, do your leaders believe you really need them, or do you go around them and advise their workers? Do you get involved where you have no business? A sure way to send the message to others that you don’t trust them or need them is to go around them and advise their followers. Several years ago I was preaching is a church and an assistant came to me and said, “The pastor assigns ministries to me, and then he gets involved to the point I can’t do what I was ask to do.” That assistant has moved on and so will all others who believe you don’t really need them.
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3 Responses to DO YOU REALLY NEED ME?

  1. Al Hughes

    Exactly right! Well said, Brother Blue!

  2. Jim Seaman

    Pastor, I am glad you published this. I hope it will help others that are in management and superisor positions.

  3. Eddie

    How true – How true.

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