By Ken Blue
August 18th, 2010. Filed under: ARTICLES.
By Ken Blue But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice…” Matthew 9:13.  The desire of Muslims to build a mosque near to the place where the strongest adherents to Islam murdered over 2,985 is nothing more than spitting in the face of the American public and those who lost loved ones on 911. The fact that Muslims use the religious freedom of America, something they deny to all other faiths, as a justification of the act only confirms the dark side of Islam. The above Bible verse quoted by Jesus shows the hypocrisy of the Pharisees who put the Law above mercy and compassion. The same principle applies here. Just because something is legal or commanded by law, does not justify the action. For example, Islam and Judaism require animal sacrifices. Let us see if the law will allow them to practice that aspect of their religion. Islam and Mormonism teach a plurality of wives; and some are chosen at age 9 and 10. Will freedom of religion leave these to practice their religion? What of the KKK? It was practices by white Christians in the South. Would it be an act of empathy to place a KKK monument near Martian Luther King’s grave, or would it be an insult to every black person in America? Should religious freedom take presentence here? What about mercy and compassion? Muslims have made their agenda clear to all but the naive. Israel and the West must be destroyed or convert to Islam. That is not a misrepresentation of anybody’s religion. Because I am a Christian and an American, I believe Muslims have a right to build Mosque and worship as they please, as long as they grant that right to all others and harm no one in the name of Islam.  Every American should educate himself on the teaching of the Koran, the Hadith, Sharia Law and the sermons of their leaders. Once you have done that, you will understand their “bridge building with the West” has only one-way traffic. Their religion will never allow freedom to any Muslim to convert to any other religion; the penalty is death! Islam’s goal is to convert or control all people under a Muslim ruled world. If I have misrepresented Islam or any Muslim, I will gladly and publically apologize. However, I suggest everyone read the above verse by Jesus and see how to apply it to themselves. To lear more, get Pastor Blue’s book, Islam vs. Christainty at
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  1. Jason Murphy

    Pastor Blue,
    I have a man in our church that is leaving next week to Saudi Arabia to do some construction work for one year. He is in NO WAY allowed to bring his Bible. If he is found with one he will be breaking the law and is subject to punishment. It is so sad to see the hypocrisy of those adherents to Islam. If the Lord tarries it sure looks like they may get what they want.
    Great article….

  2. Craig

    If one reads the history of Islam and understands the significance of the name “Cordoba” which this mosque will carry, the insult and intent is clear. Thank you for for a clear look at the truth, Pastor Blue. I’ll believe in the peaceful and innocent intentions when we can place a Synagogue (or a Baptist Church for that matter) in Mecca.

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