By Ken Blue
August 24th, 2010. Filed under: ARTICLES.


alias By Ken Blue The American Heritage Dictionary defines alias as; “1. An assumed name: The swindler worked under various aliases.” During my forty years of pastoring, I have received many letters and notes sent by mysterious souls who refused to attach their names, or they used names of others to hide their identity. My advice to pastors is that they have their secretary screen their mail. If it is of the above nature, have it diverted to the garbage can. One individual did everything within his power to destroy my family and ministry. The membership list was stolen and letters were sent to them with an alias attached. The nature of all letters was to turn the members against me. He was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from the church offerings. People who use aliases are usually hiding more than their name.

“People who are ashamed to put their name to their comments, ought to be ashamed to make them.”

In most cases, I put the alias in the same category with the terrorist. These men and women hide under the cover of darkness while attacking others. Usually, they are self-righteous and hiding something in their own life. Occasionally, you may receive letters or emails with the only identity; bible believer. Those who use this alias are neither Bible believers nor Bible doers. You cannot stop the anonymous critics, however, you can refuse to read their dribble, and send it to the trash bin. People who are ashamed to put their name to their comments, ought to be ashamed to make them. Rest assured, God sees behind the mask of the alias. Pastor, don’t allow these vermin to disturb you.
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1 Response to THE ALIAS

  1. Tanya

    Oh Pastor Ken, thank you so much for this post. My husband and I have been in this small war with one of our neighbors. We think we know who it is, but we do not want to be to hasty and confront her if it is not this person. We have had our car vandilized, our front door egged, the cops called on us and because we home school, an anounamous call to the Superintendent of the local schools. I have felt so persicuted. I will keep your family in prayer if you could cover us with prayer. God bless you and such reassurance that we are not alone in this war. Tanya

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