By Ken Blue
November 24th, 2010. Filed under: Poems.
By Ken Blue

“Why hast thou forsaken Me?” was the mystery cry. “Our fathers trusting in Thee, and found You were nigh. “While trusting Thee, they were delivered, They called and were set free. Mine enemies said; ‘let’s watch, and see’.”

“Gentiles compass me about, as wild, raving beast. The assembly pierced my hands, my side, and my feet. My cry for water went unheeded. For my clothes; they cast lots. Be not far from helping me; Thou that changeth not.”

“In resurrection power, the LORD will deliver me. In the midst of My brethren, yet, will I praise Thee. Praise Him all ye seed of Israel. Jacob, glorify Him. Those who seek our GOD; He will save them.”

Nations will acknowledge; all kindred’s worship thee. The Kingdom is the LORD’S; their Governor He will be. “An eternal seed shall worship You. The righteous shall come; Declaring boldly, what GOD hath done.”

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