By Ken Blue
January 23rd, 2011. Filed under: ARTICLES.
 By Ken Blue One of the issues that must not be discussed openly among fundamentalist pastors is the subject of divorced and remarriage. When you do, you have just kicked the beehive. So, let’s kick it! I accepted the Lord in the mid fifties in a Baptist church which belonged to an association of churches that refused to allow divorced/remarried people to serve in any ministry. However, you could join and tithe. About three years ago, I attended a Bible Conference where an evangelist from the south was preaching. After the service, the pastor invited me to join them for a bite to eat. The subject of divorce came up, and the host pastor asked the evangelist if his Baptist fellowship would allow him to preach for a divorced pastor. He said, “No, they would not.” The follow-up question was “would they allow you to preach for a church that lets divorced evangelist or pastors preach for them?” Again, the answer was the same.   Now, I am opposed to divorce, and I believe most Christians are. However, I am not opposed to divorced people. We do not always have control over what a spouse may do. The divorce epidemic in America has led some to change their convictions about divorce; others have discovered truth about divorce that has remained overlooked for centuries. I believe God has made provision for divorce and remarriage. However, the brethren will never agree on this subject until we get to heaven.  One puzzling question for me is, if those who remarry while their “former” spouse is alive; and if they are living in adultery, how can you justify allowing them membership in your church? I don’t think you can have it both ways. Your answer would be enlightening to all of us. My advice to those who have been divorced and remarried is to find a church where you can join and serve the Lord. If you are in the ministry don’t worry about what others think. Continue to serve the Lord and let Him be your judge. I think the bees are beginning to swarm; it’s time to run!
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  1. Doug Usher

    Good question preacher. I’m sure the almighty dollar may have something to do with their inconsistencies.


  2. Jim Seaman

    Pastor, you and I have had this discussion many times. I thank God that our sins (all of them) can be placed under the Blood when we receive salvation through Christ.

  3. David Schuler

    Amen, I am currently a member of church here in Great Falls that will not let divorced people do anything. Just warm the pew and tithe. They are not of good report. I just think of all the people this preacher is running off with his false doctrine on divorce. I to the point I ready to start a church myself and preach the gospel and win souls and let people serve the Lord. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. David Schuler

    I hit the submit button by mistake. …….Last sentence. I am to the point where I am ready to start a church myself…….

  5. doug fannin

    I am divorced and remarried. I have been refused training for ministry, church membership, etc. etc. I have all but quit going to church because I am discouraged by the hypocritical and hard hearted spirit of many “Christians”. I see so many Christians including pastors that are in sin everyday but they can sure judge others. I am not real sure that I have ever met a blameless person. If a person could live blameless they would not need Christ.

    I asked the head of the Bible institute that allowed me to take Bible courses but no hermeneutics because of my past a couple of questions and would pose the same to any “Pastor” that wants to hold certain parts of my past against me.
    I asked him and his board this,

    1. Seeing as you say I have two wives what if I had murdered my 1st wife and then did the standard 7.5 years in prison and repented of my sin, (I am not going to continue in murder) would I then, under your interpretation of scriptures, qualify to go into the ministry? Assuming I met ALL other qualifications?

    2. What if I had never been married but was a practicing homosexual sleeping with as many as I could, etc., etc. but then one day I got saved? I repented of all those horrible things and I married a sweet wife and felt the Lord calling me into the ministry would I then, under your interpretation of scriptures, qualify to go into the ministry? If yes, do you mean it would have been better to have been gay than to even when I was in darkness I knew to try and marry and not shack up but failed at that?

    You see, unless you are RC you cant pick and choose the degrees of sin or the power of God’s forgiveness of sin. Sin is sin. Forgiveness is forgiveness. I have often told “pastors” that judged me that I hoped they were right and I was wrong otherwise they would have to answer for being a stumbling block. My problem with churches has always been that the ones that I can accept their doctrine won’t accept me and the ones that will accept me I won’t accept their doctrines.

    I believe that God has saved me, sanctified me and will preserve me until he calls me home. God said it, I believe and that settles it.

  6. Ken Blue Ken Blue


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