By Ken Blue
February 21st, 2011. Filed under: ARTICLES.


churchBy Ken Blue Societies and cultures are not static. Some countries continue to live in the Stone Age; others are still living in the culture of the Old Testament, while much of the world continues to move into the space age of satellite technology. Is progress really good? If it is bad or good, how do we choose between the two? It is relatively easy to find a Bible verse to defend, or defy any position we take concerning the church. Each person believes his views are biblically based, and yet each may be light years from each other. For example, there are pastors who use Old Testament Scripture to prove that women should only wear dresses. “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” Deuteronomy 22:5. To them, all women who wear pants are an abomination to God! A good friend of mine teaches that women must keep silent in the church, thus no testimonies or special music by women. Women are not allowed to cut their hair. Pre-recorded background music is not permitted. Some churches believe Sunday has replaced the Sabbath. It is the Lord’s Day and must be kept holy. They honor Sunday by not washing their car on Sunday, playing sports, or watching television. I have also met Christians who believe it is a sin to serve meals in the church anytime. Some pastors will not allow guest speakers to sell their books after a service, while others allow t-shirts, CD’s, and jelly beans to be sold. I know a godly pastor who is opposed to cowboy boots, wire-rimmed glasses, and jewelry. I know an evangelist who rails on PowerPoint but continues to use the overhead projector. (?)

We are under grace, and we should never allow others to bring us under their bondage.

Some pastors are petrified of the brethren. It is their fear that controls them. They will only use musical instruments they believe their cronies will approve. Everyone pretends that everything else is too progressive. They do not realize the absurdity of their view. It is not the form or formality believers should be fighting over. These differ and change. No one should be rejected because his or her service differs from yours. It is biblical truth for this dispensation we should be conserving and defending. There’s not one church in a thousand that adheres to the conservative views held a hundred years ago. Paul never made an issue over days, diets, dress, facial hair, or sideburns. We are under grace, and we should never allow others to bring us under their bondage. Grace is not a license to sin. However, it is not a sin for others to differ from you. Neither is it wise to carry money through a neighborhood of thieves just because you have traveled that path for years. We must adjust our convictions to those of the dispensation of grace as taught by Paul, the Apostle to the church. If we fail to adjust to this dispensation, we can make the Bible teach anything we choose. You can have a conservative church in a liberal world if you know what to conserve, and what to change.
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