By Ken Blue
July 2nd, 2011. Filed under: Insights, Soul Winning / Witnessing.


soul winning By Ken Blue I never thought I would see the day when churches that emphasize soul winning would be castigated as the downfall of America. Yep, you heard me right. There are those who say the reason for the corruption in America is that pastors and evangelist have focused on soul winning instead of politics. Someone has a screw loose in their head if they think there is anything more important than getting people saved and keeping them out of hell. Those who teach this are only excusing their own lack of soul winning and their unconcern for the lost. Jesus said He came to seek and save the lost. Also, as My Father hath sent me, even so send I you. In the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son, we are told three times that there is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who gets saved than 99 people who are already saved. These deceived souls don’t believe a pastor can do more than one thing at a time. The pastor is to do the work of an evangelist/missionary by getting people saved and starting new churches. The pastor is also to feed the flock the Word of God so they can grow thereby. Any pastor who lays down the ministry of soul winning is disobedient to God and will watch his self-righteous church die. It is strange we don’t hear any criticism of Dr. Jack Hyles or Dr. Rice who put soul winning at the top of the list. Pastors are commanded to preach the Word, not the ideology of other evangelist or pastors. Don’t go to seed on any subject, but if you must, make it soul winning. God will be pleased with you, and a sinner will thank you. Your soul winning church is not the cause of the downfall of America or anyone else.    
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4 Responses to HAS IT COME TO THIS?

  1. Sharon Hakala

    I still thank the Lord for Open Door Church and
    your ministries. Steve and I have marveled how
    God has changed our lives. We love both you and
    Mrs. Blue and never quit the ministry, it’s still changing

  2. Bro Muller

    So let me guess, is this from one of those para church “Ministry for the Family” fellows? Too much Drudge Report will make a man dull to the real needs of his fellow man. Thanks pastor – praying for you always.
    bro muller

  3. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    Thank you Sharon, continue to pray for us. My health is getting somewhat worse. However, God is great and all is well with my soul!

  4. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    Not quite, but almost. You can be sure it was not a pastor. It’s just someone who wants to tell pastors how to do it, since he never has done it. You know the type.

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