By Ken Blue
July 27th, 2011. Filed under: ARTICLES.
By KenBlue There is a movement in America to remove guns from every citizen. Every time there is a mall or school shooting, the anti gun crowd exploits the tragedy. True, there are people who should never own or touch a gun. They are crackpots with no self discipline and are a danger to themselves and to others. I don’t think guns should be taken from any American because a few nuts can’t use them responsibility. I suspect most of those reading this feel the same way. I know pastors and evangelist who have concealed weapon permits, and carry a pistol most of the time. Are we in danger around them? Maybe. The same argument could be applied to television, computers, and Iphones. Like some gun owners, they are not responsible or self disciplined. Since many of them can’t control themselves, they think technology is the problem. The problem is their heart. Those who seek filth will attend movie theaters, buy the books, or rent the DVD. Your TV, computer and Iphone is not your problem. It is your own wicked heart. You may get rid of your TV, and perhaps you should; Even as some gun owners should turn their guns in. But you are left with your computer. You are closer to pornography with a computer than you are with your television. You say, “But I have a block on my computer.” Good, what about your cell phone, its camera, and its sex texting ability? Dirty pictures and messages are sent by the thousands every day on these. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The problem is their heart.[/pullquote] No, I am not trying to justify anything, in spite of what some self-righteous Pharisee says.  I am trying to get you to screw your head on right. Until you get rid of your computer and modern cell phone, you should keep your mouth shut about what others do. Until we see you throw your cell phone in the swamp, we won’t take you too seriously on these other matters. Some who struggle with pornography believe everyone else has their problem. We will keep our guns, but we will play it safe and keep them from idiots. Remember, guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Some people are so undisciplined they rail about Facebook and Twitter. Then they get up and preach against their own sins as though they were yours. We’ve seen this crowd before and realize that they are trying to absolve themselves. They will never be satisfied until you get rid of the toys they got rid of.    
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