By Ken Blue
January 10th, 2012. Filed under: Poems.
                    By Ken Blue I’ve met some fine ladies in my life time, Mother was one; another’s that wife of mine. But you stand out among the most sublime. I think of heaven when you come to mind. Your silver gray hair, with its tint of blue, Your magnetic smile that said, “God loves you,” You were always ready to serve and do, Whatever was needed, without asking you. You entertained strangers, and those in need. You cared for the poor; without pay or greed. Your faith might compare to a mustard seed, But you moved mountains through your love and deeds. You were always meek; quiet as a church mouse. Immaculately dressed in your blue silk blouse, Now with Jesus in your ivory house, We miss you dear sister; our own Mrs. Krauss.
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8 Responses to ESTHER KRAUSS

  1. Stephen Blue

    My all time favorite school teacher. If ever an angel walked the earth, she was one.

  2. bro muller

    What great memories that brought to us. About a year after she graduated to glory, a family member of hers sent us a page out of her prayer journal that had our names listed there. Only eternity will tell how much of the good we’ve received at God’s hands was due to others praying on our behalf.
    Thank you pastor.

  3. Sharon Matey

    I was privileged to have Mrs Krauss as a prayer partner. We met once a week in her home and 8:30 Sunday morning.

    There was a “spunky” side of her that would peek out once in awhile.
    She was great fun. She loved her children. She loved ODBC and her Pastor.

    I love her and miss her. Heaven sounds sweeter to me because she is there with our Saviour.

    She would love Pastor’s poem.

  4. David Schuler

    My son’s first Sunday School Teacher, It was Christmas 2000 she asked me after church if I would come over to her house to help her set up her Christmas tree. I was honored. We had sweet fellowship in the Lord. that was her last Christmas on earth. She has been a real bless to me and my family at ODBC. I sure miss her. I think of her a lot. I have the New Testament she gave my son with her signature presenting it to him. Treasure I cherish.

  5. Chuck Hanson

    Like Sharon, I remember Mrs. Krauss from the prayer room on Sunday mornings…I believe that her example of faithfulness has encouraged me, even to this day. A small world experience: Back in 2007 I was standing at the front desk of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, Riverton Place, and the conversation came around to church’s; I mentioned that I had attended ODBC and then heard a voice say, “excuse me, did you just say Open Door in Lynnwood?” It was Mrs. Krauss’ grandson, Darrin, director of UGM’s prison ministries department. I guess you can imagine the lenthy conversation that followed…Just wanted to share that!

  6. Lois McBride

    Wow, Mrs. Krause!!! Where does one start? She was a perfect example of a loving Christian lady. She was bold to share her faith and always seemed to have just the right advice for me. She would walk into a room with that beautiful smile and she could make everything seem OK for you. She was always quick to pray with you and take what ever concern you had to the Lord.

    Pastor, your poem of her captured so well what she was to so many of us who had the priviledge to know her.

    She had me one year for her secret prayer partner. Every concern I put on my prayer card that year, God addressed and worked out in my life. At the end of that year it all made sence. Mrs. Krause was praying for me and my family. She was a prayer warrior among prayer warriors. Every life she touched, I am sure she prayed for. It is hard to believe she has been gone for almost 11 years now. I look forward to spending eternity with my Lord and Savior and Mrs. Krause.

    Thank you Pastor Blue for this beautiful reminder of Mrs. Krause. God bless you.

  7. Kenn Krauss

    Great to read such wonderful stories about my Grandma. I sure miss her!

    Thanks Lisa for letting me know about the website!

  8. Sal and Barb

    Loved Mrs Krauss and her praying heart <3 She gave me a tea cup at a prayer gathering and when ever I use it I am so thankful for the influence for good she had in my life <3

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