By Ken Blue
February 12th, 2012. Filed under: ARTICLES.
BY Ken Blue Be sure and listen to the great songs to lift your spirit Many Baptist pride themselves that they have held to Bible standards and traditions. They refuse to be influenced by culture and society. One area that is defended as biblical is in the area of one’s hair length. To them, the Bible standard is off the collar and off the ears. Anything less than a military cut is unacceptable. If the above is true of your church, would Jesus be allowed to preach for you, or would He be required to get a haircut to match the standard today’s culture has set? Some time ago an evangelist had a meeting scheduled with a church in the area. However, when he sent his promotion materials, they showed him with a beard. The host pastor called him and canceled the meeting. He told the evangelist that he would not allow anyone to preach with facial hair. We wonder if he would make an exception for Jesus, or if He would be required to shave. Unless Jesus conformed to today’s culture, He would show up in a long robe. How would that go over in your church? Would you let someone preach who wore a robe? Would He be allowed to preach without shoes or socks, and with dirty feet? How uncomfortable would you be with His attire in your pulpit? Oh, and what about those wire rimmed gasses? Now, some of you who think you can get away by saying, “If it was Jesus, we would make an exception.” Do you mean, if any of God’s children came dressed like Jesus, you would forbid them the pulpit? If you think the clothes and the hair makes the man, why would you make the exception? I have no problem with any church setting standards for its members and speakers. However, it is dishonest to pretend you are following Bible standards, when you are not. The fact that you would not allow Jesus in, reveals how today’s culture has influenced you. Your welcome!
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  1. Al Hughes

    Ah yes… those standards. How often churches cut themselves off because some singer or preacher doesn’t measure up to “their” standards (which are really preferences). They are dressed in a suit and tie… their hair is too long… they use soundtracks (w/ those nasty drums)… or they aren’t independent Baptists. [One of the best revival meetings we have ever had at our church was conducted by Christian Missionary Alliance evangelists.] While I am for standards, we must beware that our standards don’t strangle God’s blessings. God can use whatever He wants to get His work done… even a “ass.”

  2. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    I can attest to that; God used me for over 40 years!

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