By Ken Blue
March 6th, 2012. Filed under: ARTICLES, Poems.
Be sure and listen to the great songs to lift your spirit           ByKenBlue   Mark 8:36  “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”   What will it matter how much money you’ve made, Or the number of your immoral escapades, Or the titles bestowed, or the accolades, When you’ve nothing at Jesus’ feet to be laid?   What will it matter, if you have reached the top, If you are the foreman, or you own the shop, Or your fields, they bring forth a first prize cash crop, And you have nothing but remorseful teardrops?   What will it mater, if you have a large home, With a heated pool, and tall vaulted dome, If your wife and your children, they have all gone, And you have nothing; you are left all alone?   What will it matter if, you haven’t a clue, Of the talents accounting and interest due, When God opens the Books and He searches through, And with eyes ablaze, says, “I never knew you”?      
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3 Responses to WHAT WILL IT MATTER

  1. David Jones

    Dr. Blue, that poem is beautiful!

  2. Lois McBride


  3. Sal and Barb

    great verse so true- and what a great poem!

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