By Ken Blue
June 3rd, 2012. Filed under: ARTICLES, Leadership, Organization, Planning.


  By Ken Blue Leaders of  great organizations were ask, “how did you become a great leader?’ They responded, “By making right decisions.” To which the novice responded, “How did you learn to make right decisions?” “By making wrong ones;” they all agreed. Leadership is all about making decisions, and if you are to last in that position, you had better learn to make the right ones. People will not respect or follower a leader for long that cannot make right decisions. Right decisions require, first of all, some skull work. You must think it through before you put your mouth in gear. A major problem of the amateur leader is that he speaks before he thinks. This character flaw must be corrected. You cannot make comments, and then tell people they did not understand you. You are blaming them for your double-mindedness. Think it through first. One of the best examples of leadership is seen in the book of Nehemiah. He knew the problem, and the need. Necessity is the mother of invention. He prayed, and was ready if called upon. He surveyed the situation, but told no one what God had put in his heart until he had all the facts. Read his strategy, and learn from him. Remember, you are not a leader because you make decision. You become a better leader because you make right decisions, and have followers. If you have the aptitude, you can learn to become a better leader. There’s many helps available; take advantage of them.
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  1. Chuck Hanson

    Hello Pastor Blue. Thank you for giving insight here to fundamental leadership principles. As always, you present sound evidence regarding whatever topic you are speaking on, in this case leadership. Over the course of time, since working in Open Door’s Bus Ministry, I have been given opportunities to develop and grow as a leader, and once again I thank you for providing a good foundation for me, as it has truly helped in the growth process!

    It is an amazing thing how God works to bring us out of spiritual infancy to a place where we can look back and better appreciate His continual and effectual working in our lives…In other words, milk to meat! And it’s all about the people He puts in our lives to enrich the journey…I have had, and continue to have influential leadership examples in my life for which I am grateful!

    One of many truths I have learned over the years is that, “leadership is influence!” (Maxwell, n.d.). Thanks again for you influence!

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