By Ken Blue
September 19th, 2012. Filed under: ARTICLES.
        By Ken Blue One thing is certain; I plan to vote this fall. To not vote for one, is a vote for the other. But the question is; for whom do we vote? I am confident that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and I could not disagree more with his Mormon doctrine. I have had many years to study and digest it, and it is not remotely close to Bible Christianity. However, we are not voting for a Pastor, but for a President. If you must have a Baptist, you might like Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. I am relative sure also that I know the political philosophy of Barack Husain Obama, but I am not confident where he stands in the matter of religion. Is he a Muslim in disguise, a Baptist, or an atheist? If a Muslim, I know in detail what he believes. If he adheres to the Baptist doctrine that he sat under for fifteen years in Reverend Wright’s church, I also know what he believes. I have made a study of Black Liberation Theology, and so should every one before they vote. However, I am not confident to which of these he truly stands. However, we are not voting for a pastor, but for a president. So, inform yourself.
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