By Ken Blue
October 14th, 2012. Filed under: Poems.
              By Ken Blue Abandoned in an open field, un-washed, un-swaddled, and alone, Thy navel cord was uncut, still in your filth; none took you home. Then I saw you in the field, polluted in your filth and blood. I washed, and I swaddled thee, and said; “live;” knowing that you could. I washed away the blood; anointing you with perfume and oil. And I clothed you in embroidered work, not counting cost or toil. I dressed you in linens and silk; gave you shoes of badger skin, And you were fair and beautiful, as your womanhood did begin. Then you became my wife, in a covenant relationship. You were pure, and virtuous, without a blemish, spot, or guilt. I provided jewels for your neck, for your hands, and your forehead. I put a crown upon you, “He has made a queen of her,” they said. You had the best foods, and were exalted to the highest stations. You were known for your renown, and were the envy of all nations. But, you trusted in your beauty, and a harlot you became. You were available to all who passed; you were devoid of all shame. You were contrary in your filthiness; of none had it been said, A harlot is paid by her lovers; you hire lovers instead. You took the garments that I gave you, also the jewels and bread, You forgot who gave them, then offered them to idols instead. Your lovers will despise you; stripping your garments, all will see, As you were in the field of blood, naked again you will be. Your lovers will all hate you, and will abuse you many days. You will remember all your sins, and be ashamed of your ways. You will remember the former days; you will return to Me. I will establish My covenant; your husband I will be. I will blot out all thy sins: I will remember them no more. Oh, Jerusalem let us return, and serve Him evermore. From the parable of Ezekiel 16.
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