By Ken Blue
December 24th, 2012. Filed under: ARTICLES, Uncategorized.


            By Ken Blue “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” Matthew 24:11. False prophets have been around as long as the true prophets have. False prophecies range from where the stars are positioned, to the reading of animal entrails. There are those who throw sticks and bones, and those who claim to read the palm of your hand. One, that is perhaps the oldest, and is still with us today, is the horoscope. Millions read it daily, and believe they have an appointed sign by the arrangement of the stars, on the day they were born. Nighty-nine percent of those who observe the Zodiac have no idea the real purpose of its origin. Many false prophets also distort, and handle the Bible deceitfully to deceive their followers. Two recent examples of this are Jim Jones and Harold Camping. Both used the Bible. You can expect more as we approach the end times. I read where someone opened a fortune cookie, and it said, “The meat wasn’t chicken.” That is not good fortune. I am reminded of the story about a young boy in a small peaceful village. The village had many sheep, and there was a little boy appointed to watch over them, and cry “wolf,” if a wolf should show up. George, the shepherd boy, thought it would be fun to see all the villagers run to the rescue of the sheep, so he cried, “wolf!” To his delight, they all came running with farming tools to kill the wolf, but there was no wolf. George rolled on the ground laughing at them. They were not amused. A few days later, George pulled the same stunt, and the town’s people reacted as before, but with more anger. Again, George could not contain his laughter. However, about two days later a pack of wolves showed up and began killing the sheep. George cried “wolf” as loud as he could, but no one came. To them, it was just another silly joke. George and the sheep were devoured. Once people have heard, and witnessed enough false prophets, they become cynical and jaded. It becomes virtually impossible to get them to believe that real wolves exist. The Bible message is ignored. That is what happened in the days of Enoch, just prior to the flood, and is happening now. The truth is, those who are crying wolf are the wolves. It has worked for Satan down through the centuries, and it is working again. The only defense against error is the Truth. The best advice I can give you to protect yourself, and know the truth, is for you to purchase a King James Bible and start reading at the Gospel of John. Don’t digress. Read the whole New Testament. Pray and ask God to open your eyes to understand His Word. He will do it for YOU. Don’t let someone talk you into purchasing any other Bible. The wolves are out there. Many are in sheep’s clothing, and they are searching for you. Don’t let the false teachers, and false prophets keep you from discovering the Truth. Your eternal soul depends on it. If I can be of help, contact me at [email protected]
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  1. Lynne Hall

    It struck me when I was reading Jeremiah, that we had better bring an open mind and a believing heart FOR THE TRUTH when we read Scripture, because if we don’t, we will be prey for the false prophets and false literature that we stumble across.

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