By Ken Blue
April 2nd, 2013. Filed under: ARTICLES.
wrecking ball           By Ken Blue   A few years ago I was a preacher’s conference where we hoped to glean some new ideas on church growth. Sitting next to me was a young pastor. He confided in me that he was troubled and perplexed as why his church would not grow. I ask him, “What kind of sermons are you preaching?” He said to me, “I rip their face off!”   I believe it was Charles Spurgeon who said, “Pulpits are coward’s castles.” Weak men see the pulpit as a place of power, prestige, and pageantry. They love the position more than the person, and the telling of the thing, more than the thing they tell. They learned somewhere that guilt is the key to motivating people. They also learn, in time, that it will backfire on them.   Here are some tips on how to destroy or empty your church.  
  • Flog your own sins as though they were the sins of your people.
  • Make people feel they are not right with God, unless they do what you want.
  • Start a ministry, and then scold people for not participating.
  • Attack other religions.
  • Attack other Bibles.
  • Attack personalities.
  • Preach that every person must go on scheduled church visitation before they can serve.
  • Preach that every person must tithe before they can serve.
  • Tell them that if they loved Jesus, they would attend every service.
  • Tell women if they wear pants, they are “hussies.”
  • Preach against men with facial hair.
  • Tell people if they mean business, they will come to the “altar.”
  • When you preach, ride a “Hobby horse.”
  • Tell yourself, because you have an infallible Bible, therefore, you are infallible.
  • Preach to make people feel guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, and watch your church grow!
  I know if some observed the above, they won’t have anything to preach. Can you feel the guilt yet?
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  1. Don

    You are correct if you do all those things I will cause the church to grow…..somewhere else. Remember the pastor is not in charge…only God is. When that is forgotten the church will fail. I have seen this applied …. Letting God run the church and our life the spirit leads not men and the church grows. We are attending a IFBC KJV church and our pastor is 70 and been married 53 yrs. My wife and I have been married 50 yrs and I am 75. Been serving in full time christian service since 1969 and holding a full time job. God has blessed me with no moving violations since 1969. I average 30,000 miles a yr. Our church is 32 miles one way. Our pastor has been in the same church over 26 yrs. The treasurer has been the treasurer since 1972.

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