By Ken Blue
May 3rd, 2013. Filed under: Poems.
pothead                                   By Ken Blue (Enjoy the trip, if you’re a pothead)   This Is Not Written For The Pothead He’s Incapable; His Brain Cells Are Dead Pot’s His Escape Of A Life That’s Real It’s All About How he would like to Feel   Its Sex, Drugs, Rock, And Rave Let’s Get Smashed And Misbehave… On Speed, and Weed, And Little E’s; Let’s Get High And Talk To Trees… Life’s A Trip, And Then You Die’ So Forget This World And Let’s All Get HIGH‼!   Oh, There’s One Thing He Forgot To Say After You Die, It’s Judgment Day Yes, Enjoy Your Trip, Your Souls For Sale The Price In Eternity, Is A Place Called HELL‼ So Enjoy Your Trip, And Talk To Trees Then You’ll Be Stupid, Just Like these   (Someone else wrote the original second stanza. I change it because of the vulgar words that were in it. )
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