By Ken Blue
June 18th, 2013. Filed under: ARTICLES, Soul Winning / Witnessing, Uncategorized.
 calling card               By Ken Blue People who love their pastor want to do good things for him and his family. I am thankful that I pastored that kind of church. Let people do thing for you. They receive greater joy in giving, than you do in receiving. However, there is a story I read that should be a warning to every pastor. There is something you should not take. A Christian lady was shopping at a local city mall where she engaged a stranger in conversation. She wanted to direct the conversation toward spiritual matters so she could tell the lady about Christ. The stranger was polite, and listened intently. Finally, she said she must go, and finish her shopping. The Christian gave her a gospel tract, and was also able to secure her name and address. They shook hands, and each went their way. The zealous Christian recorded the name and address on a visitation card and placed it in her Bible. Next Sunday, she approached the pastor and shared with him the good contact, and conversation she had with the lady. She assured him that this lady was a great prospect, and could be won to Christ. He then took the card. That week the pastor made the call. He introduced himself, and explained the purpose of his visit. The woman told him she was not interested, and that she had her own faith. You guessed it. At the next church service, the pastor was ask how the call went. He told her what the lady said. With shock in her face and voice, she said, “I don’t understand what you did that caused her to reject you. She was very interested when I talked to her.” Many people think those who are polite are interested in what they have to say. The pastor was assigned the call, checked on, and found responsible for failure. So, when someone tries to give you their prospect, think long and hard before you take it. Better yet, let them follow up, and reap the results. Remember Pastor, whatever task or assignment you take from others, you are now accountable. You will be giving a progress report, and expected to succeed. Think before you take it!  
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1 Response to PREACHER, DON’T TAKE IT!

  1. Peejay Murillo

    Thank you for the warning, Pastor Blue.

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