By Ken Blue
August 21st, 2013. Filed under: ARTICLES, Ministry.


puppetBy Ken Blue When I was a child, I always enjoyed the time of the Apple Blossom Festival. Not only did it bring several hundred people from other states, a carnival also came to town. There was everything you can imagine for the children, and the adults. In addition to the hundreds of rides, games, concession stands, and clowns, there were always several puppet shows going on at the same time. As kids, we were mesmerized by the music, the characters, and the life-like stories. In fact, we would get so caught up in the story, and the action that we failed to notice that there were adults behind the curtains pulling, and manipulating the strings to create the action. The puppets had no life of their own, they were unknowingly controlled by the pull of others. I must admit, there was a time in my early ministry when, I too, was a puppet on an invisible string.  I could not see it, but those with discernment could. The sad part was, I wasn’t sure of my own identity, or who was pulling the strings. I wasn’t sure, but I believed if I did not move according their influence, the strings would be cut. Pastors, including myself, fall into a “herd mentality.” Little by little, we believe if we should offend or break from the herd, the wolves will devour us. The only safety, is loyalty to, and cooperation with the brethren. If you doubt this, just invite a guest speaker, or attend a conference not on their approval list. Oh, how the gossip will fly. “Blue is no longer a Bible believer. He now has PowerPoint, and I hear they serve coffee. What a shame. His church has become a theater.” Those are the more generous criticism. I have discovered, and painfully so, that many I counted as true friends forsook me “faster than a speeding bullet” when I determined to pastor counter to their brain washed MIND SET. There are many pastors who would like to rearrange their ministries, but they fear, and they know the second they did they would indeed become “independent Baptist.” Pastors need to understand that “the brethren” do not build their church. Are you a puppet, pastor?
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  1. Al Hughes

    I’ve always been an independent Baptist. I will schedule any preacher God leads to invite to exhort our people, regardless of his “label.” God used a couple of Christian Missionary Alliance preachers to conduct the greatest revival we ever had at BBC in the early ’90’s. Just last week we had a Southern Baptist pastor preach in our Jubilee. I’ve never heard any better preaching and our church was blessed. If anyone doubts this, go to our and check out his preaching. I’ll invite him to come preach again. I’m not pastoring BBC to please the brethren. I’ll have in whomever can help our church be what it ought to be for God’s glory. If I am a “puppet,” God is the One who is pulling my strings, not the brethren.

  2. bro muller

    Last time I checked, I was an “independent” Baptist. I thank God for your influence in my life pastor. Your influence dared me to search the scriptures to see if these things were so.

    Gob bless, praying for you always.
    bro muller

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  4. Ken Blue Ken Blue


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