By Ken Blue
December 20th, 2013. Filed under: ARTICLES.


DEVIL             By Ken Blue    If I were the Devil I’d point to the hypocrites in the church, and I’d scoff… I’d point to imaginary contradictions in the Bible, and I’d scoff… And I would convince you that all religions are after your money, and I’d scoff…   If I were the Devil I’d keep your mind occupied with movies, music, and money. I’d convince you that evolution is right, and that there is no purpose for your existence. And you are a product of chance, and the chimpanzee is your first cousin.   If I were the Devil I’d poison your mind with pornography until you couldn’t think of anything else. I’d destroy your body with drugs, and alcohol until you were burned out. And I would destroy your soul through bitterness at the God you do not believe exist.   If I were the Devil I’d keep you so busy you would become set in your ways. I’d harden your will as concrete, so when it came time for you to die, you’d have no desire or will to believe. And I’d destroy your life, or bless it, so you would curse God as you go home with me to hell forever. And then I’d scoff!    (The idea came from Paul Harvey)
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1 Response to IF I WERE THE DEVIL

  1. Nathan LeB.

    Pastor Blue, the posting is very thought provoking. I like the point you made. “If I were the Devil I’d keep you so busy you would became set in your ways.”

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