BOOK: Hebrews – Going On To Perfection

By Ken Blue
November 23rd, 2014. Filed under: BOOKS, Commentaries.

The Book of Hebrews


Commentary on Hebrews

Like the book of Matthew and the book of Acts, Hebrews is a transitional book. Its purpose is to reorient the Jewish remnant to the basic doctrines of their resurrected Messiah and instruct them during the Tribulation for entrance into the Millennial Kingdom. Dr. Ken Blue does not attempt to reconcile Hebrews with the Pauline epistles. Rather, he presents it from a dispensational view showing that it corresponds to the other Jewish epistles and fits into the coming Day of the Lord. By rightly dividing the Word of God, the book of Hebrews comes alive and its obscure passages are clearly seen in the context intended by the Lord.


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