By Ken Blue
January 28th, 2015. Filed under: Poems.
HELL             By Ken Blue There’s a train that’s flying on a cold steel rail. Its only destination is a place called hell. You got on by choice; you get off the same. But, as it picks up speed, you don’t complain.   You enjoy the thrill; it winds and descends. Laughing, you’re joking with your phantom friends. As the slopes get steeper, and the speed excels, You’re on a runaway train destined for hell.   The engineer is laughing, so is the crew, For they have been amused by thousands like you. All is a blur, as the train seems to fly. In a moment of time, your life flashes by.   You cry out to God; you want off this train. Then it stops at a cross that is blood stained. Jesus steps in, and He bids you flee. Then the train continues to hells destiny.   As the train left the station, all were having fun. But they did not know this would be their last run. So stay off the train that sounds and looks so swell. It’s a beauty, and a deceiver, and on its way to hell.  
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1 Response to THE TRAIN TO HELL

  1. Sal and Barb

    wow I am glad I am off that train to hell – glad I have a ticket to Heaven bought by my Savior for me <3

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