By Ken Blue
January 31st, 2015. Filed under: ARTICLES.


PURPOSE STATEMENT As a young preacher I attended Dr. Jack Hyles’ Pastor School on several occasions. Each year he reiterated their purpose statement by saying First Baptist is “The Church With A Heart.” He would spend the rest of the evening marching each of their ministries across the platform, illustrating their purpose. It took me some time to fully understand that action. But, I finally came to the place where I got it. Because they had a heart for all people, the church was committed to identifying all classes and groups and then developing a strategy to reach them for Christ. I am convinced that every church should determine its true purpose; create a statement and then let that statement become their northern star to direct them. This should not be hastily done. One should take several days or weeks to think this matter through. If done properly, this becomes the hub around which all your ministry activities will revolve. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I am convinced that every church should determine its purpose so that all future planning knows what direction to go.[/pullquote] Your purpose statement should state what your ministry will be about. Most Christians have heard of Focus on the Family. That purpose statement tells you where their effort and finances will focus. At Open Door Baptist we created the following purpose statement: “Open Door exist to bring families from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.” That purpose statement tells us exactly what our emphases and efforts will be. Every ministry should be started and structured with the whole family in mind. Once a statement has been accepted it should be dissected and each part developed with action verbs to accomplish the purpose. All future planning should be done to move the church toward your purpose or northern star; as you do, you will begin to experience the power of a purpose statement. Many churches create a purpose statement and then put it in a drawer, and  forget it. That is a sign the leadership is not serious, and has a fear of failure. The purpose statement should be on every piece of literature, and posted where everyone sees it. It must be your guiding star. How many people really know what your purpose is? That will tell you how your are doing.
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  1. Barb A

    It makes sense in looking for a new church to attend to read its mission statement among other things- thats a good reminder-thanks!

  2. Kenneth Stewart

    I wholeheartedly agree : a purpose statement helps direct the ” why ” a church does what it does. It brings a focus to each ministry in that church. God’s Word Baptist Church has a rather lengthy one, but it communicates our purpose in our city of Ridgefield.

    “Our mission, as God’s Word Baptist Church, is to please our Lord by honoring and glorifying Him through the testimony of our witness of the great things God has done for us, to a lost and dying world, both in our community of Ridgefield and abroad, for the purpose of salvation, and to our bothers and sisters in Christ, His body, for the purpose of spiritual growth and maturity.”

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