By Ken Blue
April 9th, 2015. Filed under: Control, Ministry.

# 4


controlThe fourth pillar in the management process is that of control. Unless the organization has proper controls in place, all plans are destined to fail.  Seagoing vessels have built in controls to keep them on course. Without them, the ship will veer off course and end up on the rocks, so it is with the church.

The tools that need to be built in to control an organization are: Weekly staff meetings, the Team Report, the budget, the calendar and the planning arrow. These will keep the leadership abreast of where each ministry is in relation to the scheduled plans. If the organization is off course and in the fog, these tools will identify the problem and help the pastor regain control and get the ship back on track.

Note: When we teach the leadership conference, these tools and their use become part of the packet.

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2 Responses to CONTROLLING

  1. Dr C A Newell

    Pastor Blue
    I know it is the only way to have a church that is on fire for God. The Holy Spirit honors a church that lives abd practices thes time tested method. I practiced them for over 30 years

  2. Dr C A Newell

    I enjoy your websiteVery well put together

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