The Classification of Angels

By Ron Coale
October 13th, 2015. Filed under: AUDIO.
Classification of angels by Ken Blue

Dr. Ken Blue

The Classification of Angels The names of angels are significant.  They give insight into their ministries in association with God’s presence. In this AUDIO sermon Dr. Blue instructs on the importance of their names and how they affect their different classifications. In Psalms 104:4 they are described as ministers.  In Psalms 148:2 they are called an army (a heavenly host).  These are just a few of the many names assigned to them that affects their numerous classifications. People have all kind of ideas about angels.  Dr. Blue cautions that the only safe place to learn about these heavenly creatures is in the Bible.  This AUDIO sermon shows, from the Bible, the different classifications, names and jobs of angels. It will better help you to understand them so that you don’t inadvertently find yourself worshipping them instead of their Creator. If you need help in your study of angels, this sermon will help you in a big way. The Classification of Angels
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