Satan and his angels

By Ron Coale
October 15th, 2015. Filed under: AUDIO, Song of Solomon.
Satan and his angels Have you ever wondered where demons come from?  Did God make them?  How can a perfect God make anything so wicked? What is their purpose?  This audio sermon addresses the fall of Satan and his followers (Isaiah 14:12-14). Dr. Blue shows us that there is a spiritual battle going on and mankind is caught in the midst of that war.  The war is between the Lord and His angels and the Devil and his angels. Satan believes he is the owner of this world.  He is very serious about this war.  His demon kingdom is very well organized and his end objective is to have everyone fall down and worship him. Demons exist in society today, but because of our society of science and enlightenment, Christians are reluctant to talk about them. This audio sermon exposes the truth about them.  
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