By Ken Blue
October 23rd, 2015. Filed under: ARTICLES.
By Ken Blue I believe I can safely say that there has never been a time when I didn’t believe the Bible was God’s Word. I went to Sunday school as a boy where the Bible was taught every Sunday. There was always a Bible on the end table and I witnessed my Grandfather reading it many times. My mother instilled in me faith in the Bible. God bless her memory! However, I am confident she had no idea what a dispensation or biblical age was. I am not an authority on manual script evidence. I leave that brilliant study to the studious. All I have is the simple faith of my mother. I believe the King James Version is the most accurate version available. I never attempt to correct it, nor do I doubt it. If it were possible to hold the very originals from Genesis to Revelation, there would be no way to prove that they were the originals, and I would be right back to my mother’s simple faith. So, I call myself a Bible believer. I pray that I will be a Bible doer. There are those out there who insist that if you don’t agree with their interpretation, you are not a Bible believer. However, if one can’t distinguish between believing the Bible is without error, and his interpretation of it, it is not safe for him to read it. There are many rules of Bible interpretation that must be followed; even then we are not infallible. We must be Bible believers, but let us never assume that our interpretation is the final answer. I know teachers who allegorize everything. Then there are those who make everything literal. Finally, there are those who spiritualize what they choose, and make other parts literal simply to establish a pet doctrine. Conclusion, being a Bible believer does not insure that one is inerrant in his interpretation. Understanding that, may give you some grace toward others.
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  1. Matt Crane

    Dear Brother Blue,
    I rarely read blogs and it’s even more rare for me to take the time to comment, but I heard about the recent article you did about bible believers. I heard you preach when I was younger and have always heard you were a great teacher, but this article is rediculous. The key phrase is “I believe the King Jame s Version is the most accurate version available”. Well, what does that mean? HOW ACCURATE IS IT? Which parts are accurate and which arn’t? How could we make it more accurate? That phrase is what all the bible correctors bray! So, please set me straight. Is the King James PERFECT or just “the most accurate”? Is the TR more accurate? Something stinks here, and it smells like the apostacy to me….Eccl. 10:1

  2. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    Dear Brother Crain,
    I certainly have never made any claim of being a good Bible teacher or preacher. However, if you have heard my preaching or read any of my other comments on the Bible, you would know that I believe the King James to be perfect. However, it never occurred to me that my comment that the King James is the most accurate version available would not exclude the TR. Is that version available? So, your question about it was covered in my comment.
    However, let me ask you a question, and a yes or no answer will suffice. Do you believe the King James is the most accurate version available? No commentary necessary; that too would be ridiculous. Consider yourself “ set…straight.”

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