God’s Courtroom

By Ron Coale
October 30th, 2015. Filed under: AUDIO, Evangelism.
God's courtroomSomeday we’ll all be brought into God’s courtroom.  We will all answer for our crimes–SIN! God is the judge of all the universe.  The Bible says that we must all give an account to God (Romans 14:12).  God is the righteous judge.  He will not let sin go unpunished. For 6000 years, man has passed judgment upon God.  Most of the time man’s judgment on God is based on feelings or prejudice.  God will not so do.  The time will come when God will pass judgment upon man and His judgment will be based on facts alone. Witnesses will be brought forward to testify either for us or against us.  The vast majority of these witnesses will testify against us.  In doing so, they will reveal the secrets that we thought we had so well hidden. The witnesses will not be other people.  They will be witnesses such as: conscience, opportunity and sermons.   Dr. Blue does an excellent job of painting a picture of God’s courtroom for you to see. You can easily imagine being there as you listen to this short AUDIO SERMON. This is one of the best sermons ever preached. It is a classic. If it doesn’t move you, then something is deeply wrong with your life.
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1 Response to God’s Courtroom

  1. Not Perfect, Just Forgiven

    Pastor Blue preaches one of the best messages I’ve ever heard here…….it will really make you think.
    Thank God I have an Advocate or I’d be in big trouble!! lol
    Thank you Pastor Blue for all you’ve done and continuing to be an encouragement for commitment to us all.
    I LOVE YOU!!!

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