Powder Puff Christians

By Ron Coale
November 6th, 2015. Filed under: AUDIO.

Dr. Blue declares rightfully that a “Soft society makes for soft Christians.”

Soft Christians Never should a Christian put their trust in the government (Amos 6:1).  They should always put their trust in God else they become like those of Sodom (Ezekiel 16:49).  With an abundance of idleness comes a lack of grace which is manifested in many ways. The average Christian wants an easy Christian walk with the Lord.  They would like everything to be wonderful all of the time, but that is not the true Christian walk.  Jesus walked a road of adversity that many soft Christians shy away from, and when they do, they are shying away from Christ. The purpose for adversity is to prepare the Christian for more adversity.  Every Christian will be confronted with adversity sooner or later.  The soft Christian will turn away from it as fast as they can, and therefore not grow in Christ likeness. For some reason, young people have developed this idea that when you get old, then you can grow up and live for God.  They neglect to think of the difficulties that an old saint has to deal with; things that they can so easily do in their youth.  The adversity of their youth has prepared them to live a life as an hardened soldier for the Lord during their time of greater adversity.  If they have developed well when they were young in the Lord, then they will have a much easier time serving the Lord in their old age.  But, if they have not faced adversity in their youth, then they often fall away.  Mostly they fall into some form of Christian facade like ministry, or they will back slide altogether. Start living your life for God NOW!  Don’t become a soft Christian. You may not make it!
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