By Ron Coale
November 10th, 2015. Filed under: AUDIO, Audio Sermons.

Are You on God’s side?

God's SideDr. Blue shows us that there are one of two sides you can be on.  One is God’s side.  The other is the world’s side.   God’s side is one that the world has never been on, nor will it ever be on.  The world views it as always being controversial and therefore rejects it.  It furthermore views it as antagonistic, and rightly assumes all who are truly on the Lord’s side take a negative stance towards socialism, paganism, catholicism, commerce, world peace, psychology, wealth, fame and worldly influence.  Because of this, all who are on the world’s side take offence to it.  The world stands vehemently opposed to the Lord, and all who love Him. Today’s world tries to deceive people by teaching that everybody should be moderate and accepting.  It promotes a “live and let live” philosophy. It elevates, and demands even, that everyone has certain personal “rights” which they can justifiably rebel to exert upon others.  By so doing, the world deceives Christians to stand up and demand their “rights.”  This is not taught anywhere in the Bible. God says, you don’t have a right to do anything you want to do.  Dr. Blue does an excellent job of showing us the difference between: Liberty, Freedom and Rights. Unlike the world’s politicians, God takes a stand (Matt. 12:30).  He draws the line to show if you are not on His side, you must be on the other side (John 8:44).  You don’t have to choose to align yourself with the Devil and the world.  If you have not chosen Christ, then you already made a choice for the Devil.  You are not on God’s side.
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