By Ken Blue
November 24th, 2015. Filed under: Poems.
Unseen PrisonTHE UNSEEN PRISON By Ken Blue There is an unseen prison, With bolts, chains and bars. The floor is ever changing; Despair hides the stars. The prison holds victims firm; They lack strength or will. Human efforts to escape, Those walls; victor still. The walls are of fleshly lust, Ceilings, mans own pride. Floors crafted of impure thoughts, Where the captives hide. No light shines in that dungeon; Darkness rules that den. The walls, bars, and the ceilings; All forged from our sins. The slaves firmly shackled there, Despair hour by hour. Their hope for a full release, An external power. Jesus is the unseen Door; Death, freedoms merit. His grace sets the captives free; Led by His Spirit. There is an unseen prison, With bolts, chains and bars. Full pardon is provided, Written in His scars. Romans 6:11-16
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4 Responses to THE UNSEEN PRISON

  1. Alice

    I loved this poem. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Sharon Myers

    Wow! What a great poem. It says it all. Thank you…..

  3. Scott Gregson

    This is great, I think I’ll tweet it!

  4. Jim Gordon

    Amen a great poem that illustrates the condition of man.

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