By Ken Blue
December 6th, 2015. Filed under: Poems.
She Left Me   BY Ken Blue   It started with a Bible study in the neighborhood She asked if she should go, I agreed that it would be good   It would give me added quiet time; something craved by all men Now I could watch “American Idol,” and old “CNN”   After a few weeks, I noticed that she began to change Her behavior, and her moods, was becoming very strange   I did some detective work to find out just what I can And I discovered, as I supposed, it was another man   I confronted her, and I told her it must end today She assured me that if I didn’t change, she’d be leaving anyway   She would read his letters; she talked to him in a soft tone Jesus came today, she went away, now I am left alone  
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5 Responses to SHE LEFT ME TODAY

  1. Sal and Barb

    Well that title and your picture got my attention– but how true and how soon and very soon we are going to see the LORD!

  2. Nathan L

    Pastor Blue. I love this poem. I was very touched. The last line was the kicker. “Jesus came today, she went away, now I am left alone.” You and your wife are in my families prayers. Your Blog is a blessing to me and my wife.

    Nathan L.

  3. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    Thank you Nathan.

  4. Angela Hawkins

    That is a really touching poem Uncle Kenny, did you write it yourself?? wow you are good at it. I know the meaning behind it. All those sermons I listened to all of these years have rubbed off on me..THANKYOU for all you have done for me and my family. you are my hero. And don’t worry about my kids… I am starting off with them where you left off. Keeping them to the right side of the Lord and out of any false religions/cults. Now they are in their 30s, and becoming more interested in it all. So,,,,, again Thank you. You have made a big positive difference in my life. More than you will ever know. Love you. Angela Smithson Hawkins

  5. Cyndi and Martin sears

    Pastor Blue, what a great poem. Very touching and so true, it meant a lot to Martin and myself as we reflected on our time at Open Door Baptist Church so many years ago. We love you so much and in our prayers daily.

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