By Ken Blue
December 18th, 2015. Filed under: ARTICLES.
  WOLF By Ken Blue This article is a response to self-appointed “evangelist” Jerry Kaifetz. Since he cut off my ability to respond to him in private on “messaging,” we will post my last response, which I am sure he never received. His disdain for independent fundamental churches has embittered his spirit, and he could not refrain from showing his contempt for them and me. My only reason for posting this response is because of his “hit and run” tactic after his vile attack. Mr. Kaifetz, You demonstrated your unwillingness to face the truth when you said, “Exactly what I expected,” and then cut me off of your Facebook, so I could not respond to your vile accusations. You should have expected that response because you set the table. Concerning you calling me a hypocrite, because I pastored, and had a son smoking pot is like the kettle calling the pot black. You never had the courtesy to ask if I was aware of it or not. I was not. You may say, “Well, you should have known.” Well, let’s see how that plays out, Mr. Kaifetz. Were the Wilsons Hypocrites for teaching Sunday school, and preaching in Junior Church while their son was smoking pot? Have you confronted them about that, or do you only target pastors?  Also, you were a member of First Baptist, and you must have known the pastor’s son was having sex with every girl he could corrupt. If you did know it, were you a hypocrite to be a part of that ministry? You boast about how heavily involved you were in the church. If you didn’t know about the immorality, why not? Also, for you to blame me for the drinking problem of their son is a demonstration of your duplicity. You have an agenda in your attack on fallen pastors…its call ego, and money.  Perhaps if enough pastors fall, you may become famous. Your comment “You are the one who is unquestionably incapable of receiving advice,” and “You will never understand what I have to say to you,” only reveals your pride and arrogance. What advice did you send? Your article was an attack from beginning to the end. Wisdom will not die with you, so don’t pride yourself beyond your limits. Also, for someone to dig up an offense of over 35 years ago, demonstrates their inability to practice 1 Cor. 13.
  • “Love Does Not Keep Notes on Past Offenses
Paul tells us that love “does not take into account a wrong suffered.” I like what Morris writes on this point: “Paul’s next point is that love does not, so to speak, go around with a little black book making a note of every evil thing. ‘Love keeps no score of wrongs,’ says Paul (the NEB translation). We find it hard to forget it when people offend us, often storing up such grievances.” Some saints seem to have photographic memories when it comes to offenses against them. One little irritation brings to mind an entire file of previous offenses, carefully annotated and documented. This kind of mental bookkeeping only serves to fuel resentment and certainly does not facilitate true reconciliation.” That would be you, Mr. Kaifetz. Ken Blue
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  1. Mary Murphy

    I looked up Jerry …

    His website says he wanted to hear from his readers!

    This guy is a jerk who would do this to Pastor Blue!

    Write Him, call him! He leaves his number!

    This is Jerry’s quote “I always enjoy hearing from my readers and welcome e-mails from those who have comments or Christian issues they would like to discuss.”

    My contact information is as follows:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 219-208-0500

    Dr. Jerry Kaifetz
    322 MItchell Blvd.
    Weatherford, TX 76087

  2. Paul Owens

    The path of destruction behind this man is wide and deep. Most arrogant person I have ever encountered. Pastors in Texas, beware!

  3. Bob Fry


    Maybe I am doing something right because I just learned that I was “blocked” and put on Jerry Kaifetz’s shunned list. This is rather ironic because he sent me this self-serving graph detailing of how some were shunning him. Please I am not saying he is but it appears that he might just be a hypocritical narcissist. Maybe someone can write to me and tell me why he is not. Perhaps I totally have the wrong idea about him, I rather hope so.

    Bob Fry
    Plattsburgh, NY

  4. Ken Blue Ken Blue


  5. Jerry Kaifetz

    You guys do more more good than anyone in so many ways. I have posted hundreds and hundreds of Bible verses in my articles about many abusers in positions of Christian leadership over the decades. I am still waiting for an effective and reasoned and sound challenge on a biblical basis . . . you know .. . things I have said with quotation marks around them, and how the Bible relates. Absent that all these years, it is rather telling that all you people have are insults. (I have a friend who has been an alcoholic most of his adult life; he started smoking pot with Ken Blue’s son behind the church during services. I guess mentioning that makes me an arrogant narcissist. Got it.) Somebody forgot to tell God about all this, though. He just keeps blessing me beyond measure or description.

  6. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    Well, I have been in contact will the Wilson family and they have a story about Jerry that you will never hear. However, he blamed me for not knowing about the drug issue and said my boy taught the Wilson boy the habbit. I contacted Terry Willson about this and here is Terrys reply. Don’t kid yourself, the boy in not your friend. Here are his own words. My email to him is below Terrys

    “I strongly recommend you don’t listen to anything Jerry has to say there is something fundamentally wrong with that individual. As for me it’s no secret I was very rebellious. I should have listened it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble. I may owe you an apology. Anyway Pastor that was a lifetime ago don’t let Jerry put any guilt upon you I sure don’t have any hard feelings against you for anything. Having raised four kids of my own I understand that kids at certain ages can simply become In human ha. I would really like to stay in contact with you hope to hear from you shortly!” Terry

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Jun 6, 2013, at 6:42 AM, “Ken Blue” wrote:
    Thank you Terry for responding to me. It has been a long time since I last saw you and your family. I have been in contact with Gwen some, since both of us are on Facebook. Your name came up, and as a result, I felt I needed to get in contact with you. If you respond, bring me up to date on where you are, and what has been going on.
    Terry, one of the reasons I wanted to contact you is that some information has come to me, and prompted me to apologize to you if the statements are true. Let me say up front, that I do not, nor have I ever knowingly had an issue with your parents, or siblings.
    I posted a comment on my Facebook about homosexuals. Gwen felt that I was not expressing love in the article, and let me know. She later assured me that she meant no disrespect, and I believe her. However, before that assurance, I responded to her, and others who and commented. My response offended Gwen, and she shared that with her husband.
    Next day, I received an attack from him similar to a Japanese kamikaze pilot. He called me everything, but white, and blamed me for the choices, he says you made. Here is part of his quote. “Gwen’s brother Terry has been an alcoholic for 25 years. One of the reasons he rejected church is because he saw the glaring hypocrisy of a pastor whose son smoked pot with him every Sunday behind the church. That would be your son, preacher.” Also, “I called you a hypocrite because you raised a pothead, and that is what he was under your roof. How you could go on preaching after that is beyond me.”
    Now, I don’t doubt that my son was smoking pot. However, I never knew it, nor did anyone bring it to my attention. As I said, I apologize to you, and am very sorry for any actions, or the lack thereof by me, that caused you to make the decisions of which Mr. Kaifetz accused me.
    I was also confused as to why your dad would not accept my request for friendship on Facebook. Now, all is clear. He too believes that I am responsible for the decisions you made. I may be, and I’m sorry.
    I love you, and am your friend.
    Ken Blue

    Note: I have receive a message from Mr. Willson, and he confirmed what his son said about Jerry. I have the email on file. Jerry is a sick, self-righteours hypocrit. THat is the opinion of all who have dealsings with him. He loves the attention.

  7. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    When Jerry Krietz own family members thinks he is a narcissist hypocrite, with a mail order PhD, they can’t all be wrong. Jerry should look in the mirror and give himself a big hug and kiss. He also need some elevator shoes in order to compensate for his “little man” syndrome.

  8. Not Perfect, Just Forgiven.

    Jerry justifies his combative attitudes and accusations of others with his self-righteous “zeal for God”. And like self-centered Saul, perspective and humility towards others must come from Christ alone.

  9. John Payne

    I am sad over the battles that are being waged on social media for the entire world to view. This bickering back and forth is not lifting up Jesus, but rather the Devil.
    It might be best, NO, IT IS ALWAYS BEST to follow the Scriptures:
    Matthew 18:15-35.
    I pray that each of you cease this childish bickering and spend what little time we have left to win souls!

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