By Ken Blue
January 2nd, 2016. Filed under: ARTICLES, Bible Study.
(Perpetuity and Harlot Churches #1)

Can anyone seriously prove perpetuity?

broken chain   By Ken Blue I have found that church history books are not reliable. It depends on who writes them. Then, there are little red books with charts and graphs, but how do we know these charts are accurate? Does it require faith in man’s theological bias? None is completely objective. If you can’t validate your baptism back to the beginning, with assurance that the chain has never been broken, how are others to know? Doesn’t it require a little Bible knowledge, a lot of history, and even more faith? I am confident if you can know, so can we. Power intoxicates men. Catholic baptism, according to them, puts you in the church that started with Peter. Seventh Day Advantest baptism puts you in the church Jesus started. Apostolic Church Of God, baptism in the name of “Jesus only,” puts you in the church Jesus started. Charismatic baptism in the Spirit, gives you the Spirit.  And, some Baptist churches believe, if you don’t have their local church baptism, you are not in Jesus’s church or the bride. So, you see, it’s all about power. “If you don’t have ours, you don’t have it, and you are not in…” I think those who take that position are “power mongers.” The argument is simple; first, you must have a proper candidate who is saved. Right! Secondly, you must have a proper mode, baptism by immersion. Right! Thirdly, you must have the proper church, one with perpetuity back to John the Baptist. Wrong! Fourthly, there must be proper authority to baptize. Wrong! It’s all about control and authority. Like Peter, their baptism is the KEY to the true church, and the bride. If you don’t have their approval, you’re OUT! I say  NUTS to their church bigotry and the arrogance about the administrator! [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]NUTS to their church bigotry and the arrogance about the administrator![/pullquote] I have a list of different Baptist groups, found just in North America. I have no doubt that each one can “prove” they are the correct church with valid perpetuity. ************************************************************************************ Alliance of Baptists-American Baptist Association-American Baptist Churches – Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America-Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists- Baptist Bible Fellowship International-Baptist General Conference-Baptist Missionary Association of America-Central Baptist Association-Christian Unity Baptist Association-Conservative Baptist Association of America-Continental Baptist Churches-Cooperative Baptist Fellowship-Enterprise Association of Regular Baptists-Evangelical Free Baptist Church-Free Will Baptist-Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship-Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association-Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of America-General Association of Baptists-General Association of General Baptists-General Association of Regular Baptist Churches-General Conference of the Evangelical Baptist Church, Inc.-General Six-Principle Baptists-Independent Baptist Church of America-Independent Baptist Fellowship International-Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America-Institutional Missionary Baptist Conference of America-Interstate & Foreign Landmark Missionary Baptist Association-Landmark Baptists-Liberty Baptist Fellowship-Macedonia Baptist World Missions-Mainstream Baptist Network National Association of Free Will Baptists-National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.-National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.-National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul Saving Assembly of the U.S.A.-National Missionary Baptist Convention of America-National Primitive Baptist Convention of the U.S.A.-North American Baptist Conference-Old Regular Baptist-Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptists-Old Time Missionary Baptist-Original Free Will Baptist Convention-Primitive Baptists-Progressive National Baptist Convention-Reformed Baptist-Regular Baptist-Roger Williams Fellowship-Separate Baptist-Separate Baptists in Christ-Seventh Day Baptist General Conference-Southern Baptist Convention-Southwide Baptist Fellowship-Sovereign Grace Baptists-Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists-United American Free Will Baptist Church-United American Free Will Baptist Conference-United Baptists-Unregistered Baptist Fellowship-World Baptist Fellowship-Worldwide Baptist New Testament Missions. Are you serious? You know you have perpetuity, and these don’t. It looks like the Corinthian Church to me.
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  1. Al Hughes

    Amen Brother Blue. You nailed this issue. No one can prove you wrong. It is impossible for someone to prove from history that their “baptist” perpetuity back to John the Baptist. Thanks for the great articles on this subject. Excellent!

  2. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    That is why no brider will attempt to answer the question as the content of the gospel John the Baptist preached, and what relation his baptism had to it. If it’s Scripture only, they haven’t a Bible answer for their false doctrine. Thanks

  3. Mary Murphy

    I read your blog and this list and
    can not help to think of 1 Corth. 1:10-14…
    I could say more but scripture says it best!
    Thank you Pastor Blue!
    We love you and are so thankful for you and Mrs. Blue!

  4. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    I think those three articles makes more sense than any I have read or heard.


    “Fourthly, there must be proper authority to baptize. Wrong! It’s all about control and authority. Like Peter, their baptism is the KEY to the true church, and the bride. If you don’t have their approval, you’re OUT! I say NUTS to their church bigotry and the arrogance about the administrator!”. so accordion to your theo anything is acceptable with God right? Jesus walked 60+ mils to be Baptized by the man that God sent and God Himself witnessed to this saying “this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased” If just anything has this right why did Jesus pass up all other (The Jews Synagogues) to get to John Baptist. By the way Scripturally define the word “Baptist” and then answer the question that Jesus ask the Phrases, the Baptism of John from Whence came it, from God or man? If being Baptized by a God Called Baptist Minister makes me an “arrogant bigot” I am one with Christ for he too was Baptized by a Baptist. the people that are out are out because we will not sanction their sins. I had rather Die with the truth than compromise my Faith. thank you Paul Jacobs a Baptist

  6. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    Paul, i am amazed that you would think because I reject the false teaching that only a person with an unbroken chain of baptism back to John the Baptist, I am saying “according to your theo (sp) anything is acceptable with God right?” The fact that Jesus “walked” 60 miles and was baptized has not relevance to what I have said. (However, where is your proof that Jesus “walked.” He may have rode a donkey, a mule or a cart. Your point is irrelevant.) You ask for a definition of Baptist. Why were none of John’s followers not called Baptist? Why did no one at Corinth claim to be of John? Do you know “why” John Baptized? Can you prove your own perpetuity back to John? Of course, you can’t. Why did John baptize. Do you baptize for the same purpose John did? What is that purpose?

  7. Rex Gadberry

    Dr. Blue
    i appreciated the message. If folk could understand why Jesus came to be baptized of John in Matt. 3:15. Jesus stated that He needed to be baptized by John and I quote Mt 3:15 And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him. This had to be done this way for John had the baptism of repentance and the Jews were coming forth confessing their sins being baptized and down goes Jesus taking their place I believe fulfilling all righteousness pointing to the cross and I believe this is why we see that He was numbered with the transgressors in ISA. 53:12. John was a friend of the Bridegroom and not the bride. His Baptism is not the same as when a person becomes Born Again now and is baptized properly by immersion. John was heralding the coming of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom which the Jews rejected and now blindness is happened in part to Israel until the fullness of the gentiles come in. Our Baptism in the church age has nothing to do with John’s baptism. Thanks for the article. I have been sent out to plant a church in Sacramento CA. and many missionary questionnaires ask for answers concerning this subject. Please pray for us.

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