By Ron Coale
January 21st, 2016. Filed under: Video Sermons.
SatanDr Blue does a fantastic job of explaining the difference between angels, demons, devils and Satan.  He spends time examining the different possibilities from where they came from.  I was surprised at the amazed as I listened to him teach about the various teachings of scholars.  Giving Bible verses to support his beliefs, Dr. Blue does not leave us to wonder what he thinks about the spiritual war that man finds himself subjected to.  He explains why many people today shy away from the subjects of: hell, the Devil, devils, fallen angels and Satan.  They simply don’t know their powers and charge. Dr. Blue tells of the war between satan and the Lord for control of this planet.  The fighting rages because Satan, although knowing the Bible, still believes that this world belongs to Him.  This explains the audacity that Satan has in asking Jesus to worship him when he tempts Jesus after His fast in the wilderness.  So, the end objective is known to us because God reveals it to us in His word, but Satan does not believe it.  And here is the crux of the battle. Dr. Blue shows how Jesus looks on hell as being the “universal garbage dump” and gives Bible verses to support this truth.  He shows how Jesus likened Gehenna to the lake of fire and that it is to be the final place of torment for the Devil and his followers.  He further shows how a follower of Satan is doomed to experience the same fate of their master. Watching this video will open a person’s eyes to the world around them and give them comfort in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  It will teach the patient viewer that the only way to defeat Satan or his followers is to put on the WHOLE armor of God. If you have been beleaguered with thoughts of spiritual darkness, this video will set straight your resolve to stand in this world.
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