By Ken Blue
April 20th, 2016. Filed under: ARTICLES.

A Challenge to use Biblical Instruments

Biblical Instruments ByKenBlue We live in a day when pastors pick a verse from anywhere, and make it say anything they like. This is seen when one conveniently overlooks certain things in the verse and chooses only those that support his agenda. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of musical instruments. Why is that? You know the answer. I dare you to. Let us consider some Biblical instruments we are called upon to use to praise God:
  1. Trumpets- 2 Chron. 7:6. Are you searching for trumpet players? Why not?
  2. Harp- I Kings 10:12. Got any harp players? Why not?
  3. Psalteries- I Kings 10:12. A stringed instrument.  Why not?
  4. Cornet-I Chron. 15:28. A wind instrument in the trumpet family. Got any, why not?
  5. Cymbals- I Chron. 15:28. A percussion instrument. Can’t find any? When did you look?
  6. Timbrel- 2 Samuel 6:5. “An ancient percussion instrument similar to a tambourine.  [Diminutive of Middle English timbre, drum, from Old French.”  American Heritage Dictionary.]
  7. Tabrets- 2 Samuel 18:6. In the percussion family.
These are a few Biblical instruments found in Scripture. Yet you will not find them in Baptist churches. Perhaps if we added them, those churches that sound like funeral homes could be revived. Why aren’t they used? The answer is because the pastors are cowards. They fear their members and the wrath of fellow pastors. Come on Pastor, don’t be a chicken. Many Baptist churches dare not use anything other than the piano or organ, and then wonder why the music sounds like a Catholic Monastery. Biblical instruments fall into three categories; wind, stringed and percussion. I dare you!        
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  1. Alice J

    Amen. I wish we had more folks that would use their musical talents for the Lord.

  2. Paul

    I have to keep telling myself that “a piano is a stringed instrument, a piano is a stringed instrument, a piano is a stringed instrument”

    but so is a Banjo. HA

  3. drahxir

    rightly divided! so, the penticostals\charismatics were long right about this? do you have all of these instruments in your church pastor?

  4. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    No, no one says you must have all of them. The point is, you are at liberty to use any of them. I’m sorry you missed that point.

  5. Scott

    Brother Blue,

    As far as I could see in trying to search it out, there are no instruments found in the NT. I mean none connected to a church service of any type or even used in worship. Just because they are not found does not mean they are wrong. I do not oppose instruments in a service. But why do you think they are not found in the NT?
    I have no idea. The NT talks about singing….. the only thing I can think of is perhaps since the church was being persecuted they did not want to be playing because it would give them away. They were in hiding and didn’t want to be found. In the OT you find many instruments in a service but in the NT none.
    What do you think?

    Thank you!

  6. Ken Blue Ken Blue

    Good question. I think the reason was that musical instruments were a major part of Jewish worship, and thus, believers believed they were improper and not to be a part of Christian worship. It was about 300 years before any instrument was permitted, and that was by the Catholic Church. Protestants were more reluctant to use them or special singing. It was considered worldly and part of Judaism. I think the church is permitted to use all instruments, as they bring glory to God. Did you ever notice that Paul never mentioned the word “hell” is any of his writings? That does not remove it.

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