By Ken Blue
July 13th, 2016. Filed under: ARTICLES.


ISLAM   “Islamic Fascism is really a modern phenomenon. [1] It is basically a 20th-century totalitarian movement – like fascism and communism. Islamic Fascism is designed – like fascism and communism – to appeal to idealistic young people with a Utopian future where the world will be “cleansed”. Other names for it are “Islamofascism” and “Islamism” and “Islamic fundamentalism”.   ISLAM I think “Islamic Fascism” is the clearest, most descriptive name, [2] showing that this is simply the same kind of thing that the democracies spent the 20th century fighting. Islamic Fascism is genuinely fascist. It has contempt for democracy, free speech and human rights. It is full of hatred for Jews, atheists, homosexuals, and liberated women. It is linked to racist hatred of blacks in Sudan, slave trading of black Africans, and racist hatred of other ethnic minorities in the Islamic world. And, like fascism and communism, the only solution is the destruction of this philosophy. This will take a long Cold War, lasting for perhaps this entire century.” http://markhumphrys.com/islamic.fascism.html#fascism
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