By Ken Blue
July 14th, 2016. Filed under: ARTICLES.



Craig Edwards

My friend Craig Edwards has discovered that there is no way to remain in favor with Fundamentalists unless you walk the line they draw. It does not matter if your kjv, a soul winner, live the Christian life. You must walk the line of there popelings. Below is his response to the control freaks.
I want to thank “Everyone” for each encouraging word via Facebook/phone calls/ private messages/texts. I was cancelled from a campmeeting I did for years, and during the conversation I told the host pastor why I was where I am by giving him Bible. TO each comment he answered, “That’s right.” I asked him to take the Bible and show me where I was wrong, and he said, “I can’t.” I promise I am not discouraged, bitter, or jealous. I have learned when certain religious circles attack you, the Truth and the plain truth is not relevant. It’s ok to lie, and violate Bible Truth, if that’s what it takes. I have learned who I’m not, and I’ve also learned who I am. I have but one desire, and that is to passionately follow Jesus. I still get plenty of calls for meetings and special services, by men who are in love with Truth, and Jesus. I love being at home with my family, and pastoring Blessed Hope, Mt. Airy. I am trying to be selective and prayerful about where I go, when I go. The crowd, or offerings mean nothing. I want to go where I can minister, and be a blessing and help. Doctrinally, I have not changed, and I use the same translation of the Bible I started with 48 years ago. I am learning that what Satan and people mean for evil, God means for good!!!! I am amazed that God would bring me to this place……, especially when I think about my age, and where I’ve been!!!! He has brought me to a more Biblical place than I’ve ever been……..when He did not have to. I wouldn’t go back, even if I could. I know the biggest part of my ministry is behind me, but I believe the BEST PART is yet to come!!!
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