By Ken Blue
August 14th, 2017. Filed under: Poems.

miracleBy Ken Blue

Unobserved, and of no interest to those who never knew, That eternal business was discussed on Forty-Fourth Avenue.

A little band that prayed for land, the year of seventy-two, Gave God a reason, it was the season to trust and to do.

The owners replied, and we complied, with witnesses: two. What began continues the plan, on Forty-Fourth Avenue.

 Sacrifice, a will to work, visions Satan could not subdue; The little band that stood on the land, into the hundreds grew.

 Every Sunday, from far and near, visitors come two by two. At invitation time, you will find sinners in line waiting to say, “I do”.

 Hundreds surrendered to serve at home, and some across the blue. The question is, would you respond, “Here I am”, if He called you?

Miracles persist at Open Door, as we stay faithful and true. Windows of heaven remain open, on Forty-Fourth Avenue.


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